6 Temmuz 2012 Cuma


  1. [redcated]
  2. If you believe that intention is more important than result, you will not be able to do anything properly.
  3. Practically anyone that masturbates more than you is less naïve than you.
  4. Death is a serious issue; if one claims that he does not think about death or not scared of it, he is insincere or an idiot.
  5. Being able to be surprised by anything is a major gift.
  6. Having fun or enjoying life is trivial unless you are able to sustain your life.
  7. Life is essentially full of unpleasant things; it is not purposefully evil to you.
  8. Close the tap of the soda tight.
  9. Quantum is not a philosophy; it is a major branch of modern physics.
  10. Do not dampen the toilet paper.
  11. Do not sleep on the common couch if you are naked. If you do, do not sweat.
  12. Coffee is a drug; use it at your own risk.
  13. If two people with different bad personality traits make friends, they will exchange the bad traits first: not that they are corrupt but it is easy.
  14. [redcated]
  15. Tolerance is the ideal combination of pacifism and vanity; ‘respect’ is better, I guess.
  16. Sex is important but not essential.
  17. "Money does not talk; it hardly listens. However, it mostly gets the answers."
  18. Never leave the lid of the refrigerator open.
  19. As evolution of humans includes a communicative aspect, trying to express yourself with glares and glances is totally stupid.
  20. To imagine committing a crime is not bad; executing it is debatable.
  21. [redcated]
  22. [redcated]
  23. Health cannot be invested in, but you can invest in resistance.
  24. If one has a hunch, he has to get rid of it and get a straight back.
  25. Carrying as much stuff as you can makes one more mobile and mostly, mobility wins.
  26. No one will put much effort in discovering the good but not yet revealed properties another one has.
  27. [redcated]
  28. Feed cat food to cats and dog food to dogs; various types of meat are for your children.
  29. Pride is costly; if one is not able to cover it, one should not get used to it.
  30. Looks matter. It is relatively difficult to perceive and evaluate one’s personality compared to perceive and evaluate one’s looks.
  31. [redcated].
  32. Snakes, crocodiles, iguanas etc. are not real animals. Frogs, however, are for they have a soft belly despite being cold-blooded.
  33. Sticks and stones can break my bones; seriously.
  34. If local food is weird that place probably legitimized incest, murder, sacrifice etc.
  35. [redcated]
  36. Threats are the most explicit ways of defining mutual benefit [redcated]
  37. [redcated]
  38. One should wash his hands as frequent as one can.
  39. [redcated] Power only reveals the existing corruption and bigger power reveals bigger. 
  40. [redcated]
  41. Fat people are evil and immoral.
  42. [redcated]
  43. If one is weak or faint-hearted, he should not read anything about post-modernism. It is sad and it breaks your heart.
  44. Every day, face the sun at least once.
  45. [redcated]
  46. [redcated]
  47. [redcated]
  48. Have a printer in your home.
  49. [redcated]
  50. If something is beyond repair, go for experimenting.
  51. [redcated]
  52. [redcated]
  53. [redcated]
  54. [redcated]
  55. Never trust a woman who says she could not get on well with other women.
Enjoy the show.

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